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I believe it is far more helpful in the long run to show students a door that they can walk through to build their own understanding than it is to talk at length about a door. 

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Connection to the community around us, caught up in the whirl of the story, laughing together, crying together:  Theater bonds us as it hypnotizes us.  We humans need theater whether we know it or not.  The study of theater allows us to serve humanity.

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For students who intend to pursue a career in theater – as in any discipline – there is a clear set of skills and techniques that must be mastered before heading into the professional world.  I think there can be a misguided sense that because much of the work of the theater artist comes from their own imagination that there is no real pedagogy involved.  Nothing could be further from the truth, theater is hard work, and learning the methods that support innate talent, that hone creativity, are absolutely crucial to the future success of the would-be artist.  I remain committed to serving this learning and eagerly await every opportunity to point out the many doors that students can walk through to find the knowledge they seek.